Brighton Vino Jegarajan

Me, Myself and I

I have spent over two decades in the South Indian city of Chennai, before relocating to Atlanta for Georgia Tech, and eventually transplanted to the Bay Area.

Every day breaks with a cup of coffee and a hope to learn something new. I'm passionate about what I do; and I love doing what I do.

I love traveling to new places, being one with nature and meeting new people. I relish the moments of solitude but I also cherish social company. I'll be up all-night for an intense / intellectual conversations and also enjoy laughing until my tummy hurts and my visions go blur in tears.

Me, Myself and Me-Time

I enjoy almost anything outdoors-y. When I'm not working or traveling, I'm probably playing / watching a sport, or hanging out with my friends, being competitive at some board-game or binge watching on Netflix.

The best thing to do after completing watching 10 Seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S is to start over again. Sitcoms, Thrillers, Sci-fi and any most other genres except fantasy and anime would be on my TV Watch-list.

On the contrary I'm not a movie-buff, which surprises quite a few including me. I follow sports of most kinds. Cricket, Soccer and F1 tops the lists. I cheer for India, Manchester City, Chennai Super Kings and Mercedes AMG. I spare no mercy on those who speak ill of Sachin Tendulkar and Lewis Hamilton.

Me, Myself and Design

Less is often more. I love to throw colors around but keep things simple at the same time. It's about exciting the senses and letting the mind ebb through the artifact. I enjoy designing the details and that sometimes derails into a OCD for pixel-perfection.

A design begins with a moment of inspiration,
followed by hours of creativity,
and days of admiration; (and iteration).