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Interface Design | Implementation

Project Objective

The goal of the course with this project was to create a replayable interactive model of a complex system. The scenario modeling a real or fictional situation runs with a limited number of changing elements that work on programmable rules of casuality.

The system should encourage and reward replay, with any one outcome opening up curiosity that will motivate the interactor to explore other possibilities. It should provide transparent interactions with feedback that makes clear the effect of the interactor's actions. It should make the state of the system readable at each time step, and make clear what the computer is doing (visibility) when the state changes

The Game

The game is a spin-off of Making Movies Matter, a movie team visualization project. The game proposes to utilize the same / similar data into determining variables and action-items that could influence team selection and later evaluating the potential success of the selected team.

In short, the game provides agency and simulation for building a team of cast and crew towards a successful movie.

Scenario and Simulation

Game Player: Casting Director / Producer

Simulation of hiring casts, planning and budgeting.
It's a real world simulation of

  • Time constraints
  • Cast and crew availability
  • Budget management
  • Ratings, popularity trends of actors

Similar Games

Abstract Game Model

The scope of the game includes

  • Hiring casts and crew: Selection of casts, directors and studio, their unavailability over time
  • Understanding of team dynamics: Pre-terminating cast contracts, co-star feuds, fan favorites
  • Cost vs. Potential Profit: Trade-offs between cost and ‚Ä®potential outcomes

It excludes

  • Other crew roles and hierarchies: Writers, artists, marketing directors, co-producers, etc.
  • Movie Production: Cost for movie-sets and other operation and production costs.

Gameplay - Re-playing and Motivation

  • Reduce termination and re-hiring: Pre-plan better to avoid termination loses.
  • Curiosity to try different teams: Identify teams that perform best and the worst and the ones that perform reasonably well despite feuds.
  • Dynamic nature: The ideal team is not always available due to simultaneous hiring and random events.

Possible Enhancements

  • Add further stages of life-cycle: Movie production, operation costs, marketing, release of movie
  • More scenarios: Identify teams that perform best and the worst and the ones that perform reasonably well despite feuds.
  • Real trends - Real values: Using actual values for variables from real life data and dynamically changing ratings based on real world events.

Project Video

Game Board