Brighton Vino Jegarajan

Magic Window

An Immersive Video Communication Experience

Project Team
My Role
Product Design | User Experience Design | Front End Development

Project Description

This project at Georgia Tech's Research Network Operations Center (RNOC) explores an immersive video communication experience for personal and commercial uses. Using Kinect and fish-eye camera coupled to a large screen (window), the user interacts via natural gestures to perform operations and communicates via the window.

We explored the possible use cases where a experience like this could potentially change the way people work

  • Personal Video Communication
  • Grandma - Grandkids Engagement
  • Sports Telecast

The project was presented at Google's Hackathon - US Ignite Gigabit Explorer which opened frontiers to ultra speed connectivity and explored the possible of next gen applications with extreme computing power and gigabit connectivity.

Video Chat

Magic Window can be used as a substitute for everyday video chatting and conferencing. The screen here shows the most frequently contacted people and their online status. The user can scroll through the list using the a natural swipe gesture. The user can also customize the screen to show people tiles than 3 on one screen and be notified and automatically connect when certain people are available.

Kids Engagement

A typical scenario would be a grandma wishing to connect with their grandkids when they return from their school. The kids return home from school and are in their playroom, when the grandma automatically connects to her grandkids. She then decides to engage them in a session of Origami. The fish eye cam allows her to zoom in to the details when her grandkids start meddling around and she is able to pull up instructions on her screen and sync with the grandkids window.

In addition, the connected home allows grandma to keep tabs on safety when the kids parents are home. The grandma is notified of alerts like "kids have left the front door open", "cook-top is on", etc, so she might remind the kids to do the needful. Alternatively, the Magic Window can help people keep track of health and safety their older parents when away from home.

Sports Telecast

A game is usually covered by multiple cameras from different angle. The telecast producer determines the users view. In Magic Window, besides the usual viewport, the user is able to switch to a different perspective and focus on a different section of the screen. Coaches could benefit from seeing the strategy and movement of players away from the zone of action. Magic Window allows real-time selection of different camera by the user.

The experience could be augmented with the additional statistics, player line-up and other game related information or a stream of the game's twitter handle. This allows user to focus on the game and be engaged in social buzz around without having to check his mobile or tablet devices.

The Magic Window also allows users to replay at will. The user can scroll through the time-line and probably replay a missed goal scoring opportunity from different angles to analyze what actually went wrong.


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