Brighton Vino Jegarajan

Project Team
My Role
Storyboarding | Wireframes | Interface Design | Interaction Design | Prototyping

Problem Space

As our population ages, many adult children are becoming more involved in their parent’s care. This includes larger issues such as finances and make their homes safer to more daily involvement such as transportation and meals. Parents are taking more medication so an added stress with parent still on their own is making sure they take the right medication and at the right time.

The Project

Medminder is an automatic medication dispensing devices system that comes with a companion mobile app. The project involves creation of wireframes of mobile app, design of high-fidelity mockups of the interface on the dispenser. The app will monitor an existing automatic medicine dispensing device and the system will communicate with each other.

Device Interface Specification

The actual interface is touchscreen based, navigated by buttons or a combination of both. The physical size on the interface screen is 480 x 320 (3” x 2”) but layout a view of the interface screen and partial device at 1024 x 768.

Simulation Flows

The prototype simulates the following operations on the medicine dispenser

  • Welcome and home screen
  • Medication dosage setup
  • Notifications of missed medicine, stock refill
  • Settings screen

Interface Flow Chart