Brighton Vino Jegarajan

Talk With Me Baby

Public Awareness Poster Campaign

Project Team


To design a poster campaign raising public awareness about the importance of talking and reading to young children. The aim to raise awareness about an issue of public interest while at the same time learning the intricacies of designing effective, persuasive and memorable messages for a specific audience.

The Campaign

Interventions in early stage of brain development could reveal disorders and lead to better treatments. The importance of engaging with toddlers and infants and the importance of bridging the gap of 30 million words and taking this message into the home of especially the low-income sectors in Atlanta was the goal of the campaign.


With the inputs and resources shared, we brainstormed and sketched multiple ideas. I picked out keywords and phrases that could form ideas central in the campaign and messages in the posters.

Roughly 20 ideas were sketched in 4” x 6” rectangles. The aim was to get quick, preliminary sketches, detailed enough to understand the elements, idea and thought process going into it. The exercise was done to flush out ideas and later identify potential ones and refine them in finer detail.

I picked my favorite ones from the preliminary sketches and worked them on the larger grid with more conscious attention to placement and details of elements.

A Few Selected Sketches

  • Word Gap - The father throws up his child in the air who is wearing a Superman t-shirt symbolizing the superiority gained through the 30 million words. The letters in the posters (except the word “difference”) are laterally inverted (usually associated with dyslexia) depicting the positive impact words could make.

  • Five Techniques - The five sides are formed by the five methods suggested. I imagined that the five colors could blend smoothly into the central pentagon which forms the central idea of the campaign.

  • Point And Talk - The design showing a mother and her child pointing at huge inter-winded letters of the word BABY, illustrates the method of pointing and talking and engaging in the activity together with the child.

  • Engage - The design shows baby toys and three methods of engaging with the baby. The letters in the text are replaced with appropriate symbols to add an interesting variation to simple conventional text.

  • Motherese - The design intends to show the importance of talking to the child even when he/she is the womb of the mother. The idea was curtailed, with the apprehensions surrounding making a successful design (in a sensitive concept) by then amateur designers.

  • Keep Calm - This is a no brainer design based on the multitude of viral posters “KEEP CALM AND …. “, being modified for the “Talk to me baby” campaign.

Sketches Go Digital

I decided to keep it simple and probably influenced heavily by the “Richard Gregory” design exercise in class; started working with just the text, its grouping, hierarchies and organization. I tried to bring in elements from the typography exercise in certain posters to imply the meaning when possible.

I added one color to each of the design I realized that it formed a kind of minimalistic clean theme suiting the fact theme. Also considering that these posters go in a place like a pediatric office where there are multi color posters all over, I decided to keep colors in each to a minimum so that they stand out from the rest of the posters.

Design Language

To bring in a common factor across the posters, I decided to stick to the same typeface. I started the design with “Helvetica” but for the kind of bold statements and facts “Futura” especially in the UPPERCASE appeared more suited. The color were chosen to be bright and contrasting from one poster to another. White text was used to highlight and a lighter tone of the color was selected as the secondary color. In all posters only a maximum of 3 shades were used, a dark tone and light tone of a color and white. The choice of colors were made from the Android Palette.

On each of the poster I tried to address the three related elements

  • What should you do ? (Big bold letters)
  • Why should you do ?
  • Scientific research / statement supporting the same (Footer text)


To get a consistent branding across all the posters in the class we decided to have a common logo for the campaign. We decided on “Talk with me baby” as the campaign name and I attempted a few logos around it.

I attempted to maintain the ‘Talk Bubble’ in the design, (primarily because it looked good on the posters so far) and add another bubble to depict its an engaging activity involving two individuals.

Final Posters