Brighton Vino Jegarajan

WordPrep Flashcards

Mobile App for GRE Verbal Preparation

Project Team
My Role
Product Design | Interface Design | User Experience Design | Android App Development

App Description

WordPrep Flashcards is an easy to use vocabulary app tailor-made for competitive exam preparation. As the name suggests, it is an app that comes up with flashcard after flashcard to help people learn faster.

The user can browse words alphabetically, sequentially, randomly or can even star the words that you find are important or difficult and revise them on demand. With extremely customizable features and interactive resemblances to physical flashcards makes it the ideal way to prepare for your GRE, GMAT, IELTS and other competitive examinations and get better at vocabulary.

The Motivation

The idea stemmed out of a personal wish to carry my GRE Barrons Wordlist on my mobile so I could read when I'm on the move rather than having to carry a bulky 500 page book.

The personal understanding of the requirement helped in better realization of the finer nuances of the requirements. I used the App to prepare for my rather very successful GRE Examinations in 2011 and then decided to refine it further and release on the public store.

Version 1.x

The first version was published in mid 2011. The App was developed on version Gingerbread. Besides personal testing over the period of GRE Preparation, the App was tested by set of 12 Beta Testers before it was eventually launched in Aug '11 to the Android App Store.


  • Listing of close to 4000 words and meaning
  • Mark or rate a word based on the difficulty and to assist in revisions.
  • Ability to browse alphabetically, random and filter by starred
  • Ability to search for words

  • Home Screen - WordPrep Flashcards

  • View Starred Words - WordPrep Flashcards

  • Search Words - WordPrep Flashcards. Facilitates learning words by the root words

  • Alphabet Selection - WordPrep Flashcards

  • Flashcard Front - WordPrep Flashcards.

  • Flashcard Rear - WordPrep Flashcards.

Version 2.x

The second version was published in mid 2012. The App underwent a complete overhaul of its user inteface. The App also included In-App Purchases to support for additional features which can be added to the App.

New Features

  • In-App Purchases
  • Complete interface overhaul - Scrabble Theme
  • Addition of synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation to the words

  • Home Screen - WordPrep Flashcards

  • In App Store - WordPrep Flashcards

  • Alphabet Selection - WordPrep Flashcards.

  • Flashcard Front - WordPrep Flashcards

  • Flashcard Rear - WordPrep Flashcards.

  • Filter Starred Words - WordPrep Flashcards.

  • Search Words - WordPrep Flashcards.

Version 3.x (Under Development)

The third version is under final phases of production and comes with support for tablet devices. It also uses the latest In-App Billing APIs. The version also supports synchronization of preferences and started words across devices of the same user.

New Features

  • New In-App Purchases
  • Support for tablet devices
  • Improved navigation system
  • New Modes - List mode and Simple card

  • New Home Screen layouts in Tablet and Phone - WordPrep Flashcards

  • Flash Card with Navigation and Preferences - WordPrep Flashcards

  • List Mode - WordPrep Flashcards.

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